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Penny . SOLD
Burnidette  SOLD
Daffney  SOLD
Sadie is Retired  SOLD
Elsa -            SOLD
DOB 3/9/16
Pet home only
$1500 limited AKC

Elsa is a beautiful black and gold AKC registered sweetheart!  Beautiful thick rich black coat!   She weighs about 4-5 lbs...Total doll!

Dam - Burnidette
Sire - Woody
Markie                    *DEPOSIT PENDING*
Stud - Many champions in his pedigree
Full AKC registration - $2200

This is Markie.   He is AKC registered. He has sired some truly amazing and tiny babies.  He has a darling spunky personality and is very sweet!  He has a very impressive pedigree, many champions! He weighs in at about 4 lbs.
DOB 5/2/2016                SOLD
Pet home only
$1500 limited AKC

This is Princess Anna.  She is an AKC darling.  She is right around 5 lbs.  Such a sweetheart! She has had 3 litters with 2 C-Sections

Dam - Penny
Sire - Squiggy
Anna. SOLD
Halley                      *AVAILABLE*
DOB 7/15/2017
Full AKC registration - $2200

This is Halley.  She is an absolute gorgeous AKC registered sweetheart!  She weighs in at about 5 lbs. She has an amazing silky coat!    She has had 2 litters naturally.  Stunning!

Dam - Penny
Sire - Markie
Koda Bear
Jasper                      *AVAILABLE*
DOB 5/16/2018
Edgewood Lines - Stud
Full AKC registration - $2300

This is Jasper!  He is a Black/Gold AKC registered beauty!  Beautiful Coat! He weighs in the 5 pound range. He has sired 2 beautiful litters. He has a very funny personality!
Koda Bear                    *AVAILABLE*
DOB 5/30/2018
Full AKC registration - $2200

Koda Bear is a 4 pound black/gold AKC registered beauty!  He has an amazing thick rich black and gold coat. He comes from Lexi and Woody. Stunning!! He has sired one beautiful litter so far.

Dam - Lexi
Sire - Woody
Zoey              SOLD
DOB 6/25/2017

This is Zoey.  She is a blue and gold 4 pound AKC sweetheart!  She has had 1 large litter naturally.  She is a total cuddle bug with a great personality!

Dam - Elsa
Sire - Squiggy
Woody is retiring

This is Rocket Man, our newest amazing tiny AKC registered Stud!  He is weighing in at 3 - 3.5 lbs.  Cant wait to see his babies.  He is truly amazing!
Chloe              DEPOSIT PENDING
DOB 2/2/2018

Chloe is a black and gold AKC beauty!  She has had 2 beautiful litters naturally.

Dam - Penny
Sire - Markie
Franklin.        SOLD

DOB 6/9/2019.          SOLD

Franklin is an absolute beauty!  He is AKC registered and has an amazing thick dark Black/Gold coat.  He will produce amazing babies!!
Total sweetheart!

Dam - Chloe
Sire - Koda Bear